Special Issue ReSMICTE : Robotics in primary education – Robotique en éducation primaire

Special Issue ReSMICTE : Robotics in primary education – Robotique en éducation primaire


The Special Issue of the Journal “Review of Science, Mathematics and ICT Education” is dedicated to the Educational Robotics in Primary Education. There is currently a real enthusiasm for educational robotics which is supported by the incessant emergence of new educational robots and articles published by the media. Undoubtedly, at least at the level of primary education, a new wave of technology appeared in order for concepts of programming (or « coding ») sweeps to be applied, which consequently raises the question of what it can bring to teachers and learners over time. At the same time, scientific research in this field is making significant progress in recent years by providing interesting results in both basic and applied research. On the other hand, there are many challenges with obtaining data with respect to the appropriation of this type of approach by teachers. Indeed, initial and in-service training of teachers is a major challenge to develop learning activities with educational robots which help develop specific learning objectives as well as the development of high-order thinking skills.

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