ANR #CreaMaker

ANR #CreaMaker :

 Learning-by-making engages participants in the construction of digital and tangible artefacts through the use of technology (Maloy & Edwards, 2018; Martin, 2015). Maker education activities are developed through design-based approaches aiming to create an artefact to provide a creative solution to a problem. Through maker-based activities, participants can be engaged in constructionist activities (Papert & Harel, 1991) based on developing an idea and then designing and creating an external representation of that idea (Kafai & Resnick, 1996; Sheridan et al., 2014). Intergenerational making activities have not been analysed yet in terms of co-creativity and through the #CreaMaker project we aim to improve the knowledge of the co-creativity process not only in same-age teams but also in intergenerational ones.

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