#5c21 5 key skills for 21st century education

Five 21st Century key skills were selected while developing the #CoCreaTIC project.
Critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and creativity corresponds to the transversal skills of the Programme de formation de l’école québécoise (PFÉQ) and the OECD repository (2016); computational thinking skills has been added as the fifth key skill for the 21st education.

#5c21 5 key skills for 21st century education

  • Critical thinking is the capacity to develop independent, critical thought. It enables the analysis of ideas, knowledge and process linked to our personal value system and judgment. Critical thinking relies on given criteria and takes into account factors such as the cultural context and interpersonal relationships.
  • Collaboration is the capacity to develop a shared comprehension of a common objective within a team and coordinate the actions towards its realization.
  • Creativity is a process that aims at designing a new, innovating and pertinent way of responding to a potential problematic situation which is valued by a group of reference in a context-specific situation.
  • Problem solving is the ability to identify a problematic situation for which the process and solution is not known in advance. It is also the ability to determine, build and enforce a solution in an effective way.
  • Computational thinking is a set of cognitive and metacognitive strategies linked to computer-related process and methods such abstraction, algorithmics, pattern identification, decomposition and complex structural organization of knowledge into logical sequences.

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