#Vibot the robot, a children’s book to introduce programming and #educationalrobotics

Vibot the robot Romero & Loufane 2016

Vibot the Robot

Download No: 978-2-551-25825-3 

ResearchGate (English release) : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344852818_Vibot_the_robot

Version en Français : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344832484_Vibot_le_robot

Version en español: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344851350_Vibot_el_robot

Vivian and Victor are twins. For their birthday, they receive a robot as a gift.  They decide to call it Vibot. Before they can play with it, Vivian and Victor must assemble the parts, charge the batteries and learn to speak to Vibot in its own language: programming. Learn programming and robotics with Vivian and Victor! A book for 7- to 77-year-olds!

Programming is the language of robots, computers and many other technologies. This book is conceived to initiate children and grown-ups to programming. It presents texts in English and gives their corresponding values in Scratch programming blocks. Scratch is a visual programming software designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Blocks of code can be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. Scratch is completely free. It is used by more than 10 million people aged between 4 and 80, with the most common age being 12.

#Vibot is now available in digital format (http://www.publicationsduquebec.gouv.qc.ca/fre/products/978-2-551-25825-3) and will be available as a printed book before the end of the month. You can follow his adventures through the #vibot hashtag.

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